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Sex Work, COVID-19 and Half- truths

Date Of Publication : Jul 2022Type Of Document : -

Description : Sex Work, COVID-19 and Half- truths: Results from a multistate su...

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Budhwar Peth

Date Of Publication : Oct 2021Type Of Document : 52 Pages PdfAuthor : Sanyogita Dhamdhere & Vidya Kulkarni

Description : Oral History of Budhwar Peth.

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Date Of Publication : Mar 2018Type Of Document : Research DocumentAuthor : Aarthi Pai, Laxmi Murthy, Meena Saraswathi, Seshu Rakesh Shukla

Description : How Anti-trafficking Strategies Increase Sex Workers’ Vulnerabili...

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The Right (s) Evidence : Summary Report

Date Of Publication : Oct 2015Type Of Document : Summary of research report, 25 pagesAuthor : UNDP, SANGRAM, UNFPA, APNSW

Description : Summary of multi country research study on sex work, violence and...

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The Right(s) Evidence : Regional Report

Date Of Publication : Oct 2015Type Of Document : Report of Regional Research, 140 pagesAuthor : UNDP, SANGRAM, UNFPA, APNSW

Description : Regional Report of multi country research study on sex work, viol...

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The Right(s) Process

Date Of Publication : Feb 2015Type Of Document : Report of Process Documentation of Regional Research, 96 pagesAuthor : Aarthi Pai

Description : The four country research study on violence against sex workers w...

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Ethical Guidelines for Doing Research with Communities

Date Of Publication : Jan 2013Type Of Document : Guidelines, 5pagesAuthor : UNDP, SANGRAM, UNFPA, APNSW, P4P

Description : The Four country research on violence and sex work was premised o...

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The First Pan India Survey of Sex Workers:

A summary of preliminary findingsDate Of Publication : Apr 2011Type Of Document : Summary of Preliminary Findings, 14 pagesAuthor : Rohini Sahni, V Kalyan Shankar

Description : Rohini Sahni and V Kalyan Shankar from the University of Pune wit...

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Sex Work and Laws in South Asia

Date Of Publication : Apr 2010Type Of Document : Monograph, 82 pagesAuthor : Rakesh Shukla

Description : The Monograph examines the laws that impact sex workers in the So...

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Who stole the Tarts? Sex Work and Human Rights

Date Of Publication : Sep 2009Type Of Document : Monograph, 38 pagesAuthor : Sandhya Rao, Cath Sluggett

Description : An Interesting paper that attempts to Revisit the Human Rights Fr...

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Brothel Born and Bred

Date Of Publication : Dec 2008Type Of Document : Monograph, 38 pagesAuthor : Translated from Marathi by Vidyadhar Gadgil

Description : An intense monograph where children of sex workers speak out

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Beyond Vice and Victimhood

Date Of Publication : Jul 2008Type Of Document : Monograph, 36 pagesAuthor : Vidya Kulkarni, Dipti Raut, Meena Seshu, Geeta Seshu, Laxmi Murthy

Description : Content analysis of media coverage on the issues of sex workers....

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Rights-Based Sex Workers Empowerment Guidelines:

An Alternative HIV/AIDS Intervention Approach to the 100% Condom Use ProgrammeDate Of Publication : Jul 2008Type Of Document : Monograph, 24 pagesAuthor : SANGRAM

Description : A critique of the 100% Condom Use Programme from a rights based a...

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Societal Violence on Women and Children in Prostitution

Date Of Publication : Jan 1995Type Of Document : Research Report, 75 pagesAuthor : Sex Worker groups across India

Description : A report of the earliest research undertaken with sex workers on ...

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