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Letter from US Embassy 06-October

Date Of Publication : Aug 2023Type Of Document : -

Description : Press Office Embassy Of the United States of American Embassy Ne...

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Raided Research quoted by Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Date Of Publication : Apr 2018Type Of Document : Letter to Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Minister of WCD, Government of IndiaAuthor : Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Description : Letter in relation to The Trafficking of Persons Bill 2018, Which...

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Observing International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Date Of Publication : Dec 2015Type Of Document : Statement, 2 pagesAuthor : National Network of Sex Workers

Description : December 17 is observed as the International Day to end Violence ...

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Sex Work needs to be decriminalised:

Meena Seshu responds to Jessica Neuwirth’s news article on Amnesty International Policy on sex work.Date Of Publication : Aug 2015Type Of Document : Open Letter to Guardian, 2 pagesAuthor : Meena Seshu

Description : In July 2015, Jessica Neuwirth wrote in the Guardian that the pro...

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Supporting Amnesty International Policy on Sex Work

Date Of Publication : Jul 2015Type Of Document : Open Letter, 27 pagesAuthor : Meena Seshu

Description : In 2015, Amnesty International announced that it was writing a po...

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UN Special Rapporteur:

Violence Against Women calls on India to take measures to protect Human Rights of Sex WorkersDate Of Publication : Apr 2014Type Of Document : Briefing NoteAuthor : Aarthi Pai

Description : An Overview of the comments and recommendations on sex work submi...

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SANGRAM Bill of Rights

Date Of Publication : Jan 2014Type Of Document : Statement, 8 slidesAuthor : SANGRAM

Description : SANGRAM has a Bill of Rights on rights based empowerment of commu...

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Sex Workers need UNAIDS to respect and protect their Human RightsDate Of Publication : Nov 2013Type Of Document : Open Letter to UNAIDS, 5 pagesAuthor : Meena Seshu and UNAIDS Human Rights Reference Group

Description : In response to a campaign by Equality Now and other abolitionist ...

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Statement National network of sex workers, India

Date Of Publication : Sep 2013Type Of Document : Statement, 3 PagesAuthor : NNSW (National Network of Sex Workers)

Description : Anti-sex work groups have recently criticised the United Nations’...

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US Supreme Court strikes down Anti-Prostitution pledge

Date Of Publication : Jul 2013Type Of Document : Statement, 2 pagesAuthor : VAMP

Description : In July 2013, the Supreme Court in USA struck down the prostituti...

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Ordinance criminalises sex workers:

Sex Workers appeal to President to reject OrdinanceDate Of Publication : Feb 2013Type Of Document : Press Release, 2 pagesAuthor : NNSW

Description : Press release calling on the President to reject the Ordinance on...

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Justice for Anu Mokal

Date Of Publication : May 2012Type Of Document : Open Letter to CM, Maharashtra, 2 pagesAuthor : VAMP, SANGRAM

Description : In 2012, Anu Mokal a sex worker was brutally beaten by a police o...

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A Statement of Women in Prostitution

Date Of Publication : Jan 1995Type Of Document : Public Statement, 4 pagesAuthor : VAMP, SANGRAM

Description : Women in Sex Work draft a statement outlining their beliefs, conv...

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