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Legal Literacy Modules - SANGRAM : Tools for Empowerment

VAMP Institute

As members of VAMP mobilised and struggled for their rights, the need for familiarity with the laws of the land became evident. Thus began our journey to demystify the law and make Constitutional guarantees and relevant laws comprehensible to the most marginalised. The outcome is modules in jargon-free language, related to the daily lives and lived experiences of the community.

SANGRAM and VAMP initiated the VAMP Institute, a peer -to -peer learning model, in 2014 in India. Over 3000 people in sex work have participated in these Institutes which have gradually expanded to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

A key segment of these Institutes is the engagement with laws and policies that impact the lives of sex workers. From understanding the legal approaches to sex work, the legal literacy modules have been expanded to

1. Immoral Traffic Prevention Act (ITPA)
2. Section 370 of the Indian Penal Code
3. Domestic Violence Act
4. Property Laws
5. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code,
6. Protection of Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act,
7. Cyber Laws under the Information Technology Act 2000
8. Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance
9. Legal Aid for sex workers (DLSA, SLSA)
10. Right to Bail
11. Skills - Writing complaints

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Emerging Rights of Sex Workers

Date Of Publication : Jun 2023Type Of Document : Legal Literacy Modules

Description : Session – Emerging shifts in sex worker rights

Download ResourceSupreme Court Order on Rights of Sex Workers May 2022SEX WORKERS LEAD THE WAY TRAINING CURRICULUM FOR VAMP INSTITUTE
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Approaches to Sex Work

Date Of Publication : May 2023Type Of Document : Legal Literacy Modules

Description : Session – Approaches to Sex Work

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