Other Communication

Trafficking Bill Comments by Sex workers, Feminists, Lawyers and Civil societyPosted on: 06/Aug/2016

Download Resource: Trafficking-Bill-Comments-by-Sex-workers-Feminists-Lawyers-and-Civil-society.pdf

Response to Jessica Neuwirth’s piece in The Guardian, by Meena SeshuPosted on: 01/Oct/2015

Download Resource: Response-to-Jessica-Neuwirth-by-Meena-Seshu.pdf

Letter to support Amnesty InternationalPosted on: 27/Jul/2015

Download Resource: Letter-to-support-Amnesty-International.pdf

Submission on Sex Work TOR 3Posted on: 02/May/2015

Download Resource: Submission-on-Sex-Work-TOR-3.pdf

SC Panel SubmissionPosted on: 03/Dec/2014

Download Resource: SC-panel-submission-8-feb-2013.pdf

VAW and Sex work, IndiaPosted on: 20/Aug/2014

Download Resource: VAW-and-sex-work-india-april-2014.pdf

Status of Women in sex work in IndiaPosted on: 20/Aug/2014

Download Resource: status-of-women-in-sex-work-in-india-submission-to-CEDAW-committee.pdf

Amending Section 370 IPC Verma Commission Clarifies intention behind legislationPosted on: 16/Apr/2014

Download Resource: Amending-section-370-IPC-verma-commission-clarifies-intention-behind-legislation.pdf

Kamala Maushi: Salute to a proud DevadasiPosted on: 19/Feb/2014

Download Resource: Kamala-Maushi-Salute-to-a-proud-Devadasi.pdf

SEX workers need UNAIDS to respect and protect their Human RightsPosted on: 05/Dec/2013

Download Resource: letter-to-UNAIDS-executive-director-protesting-response-to-equality.pdf

Statement National network of sex workers, IndiaPosted on: 28/Sep/2013

Download Resource: Statement-national-network-of-sex-workers-India.pdf

Statement of Women in Prostitution - VAMP 1995.Posted on: 02/Sep/2013

Download Resource: sangram-VAMP-statement-1995.pdf

Of veshyas vamps whores and women part IIPosted on: 13/Jun/2013

Download Resource: Of_veshyas_vamp_whore_and_women_II.pdf

Of veshyas vamps whores and women part IPosted on: 11/Jun/2013

Download Resource: of_veshyas_vamps_whores_and_women_part_I.pdf

Violence against Women in Sex WorkPosted on: 10/Jun/2013

Download Resource: violence_against_women_in_sex_work.ppt

Justice for Anu MokalPosted on: 10/Jun/2013

Download Resource: justice_for_anu_mokal.pdf

Violence against People in Sex Work in IndiaPosted on: 10/Jun/2013

Download Resource: violence_against_people_in_sex_work_in_india.pdf

Brothel Born and BredPosted on: 10/Jun/2013

Download Resource: brothel_born_and_bred.pdf