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Understanding the De- Criminalisation DemandPosted on: 01/Nov/2014

Download Resource: Demanding-De-Criminalisation-of-Sex-Work-Fact-Sheet.pdf

UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women calls on IndiaPosted on: 01/Nov/2014

Download Resource: SR-VAW-and-Sex-work-India-April-2014.pdf

Reporting to the CEDAW Committee on the Status of Sex workersPosted on: 01/Nov/2014

Download Resource: Critique-CEDAW-Committee-Status-of-Sex-Workers-7-Aug-2014.pdf

Societal violence on women and children in prostitutionPosted on: 11/Jun/2013

Download Resource: societal_violence_on_women_and_children_in_prostitution.pdf

UNAIDS Global Reference Group on HIV/AIDS and Human RightsPosted on: 10/Jun/2013

Download Resource: UNAIDS_supporting_document_meena_seshu.pdf

Recommendations on Laws Relating to Sexual Assault in IndiaPosted on: 10/Jun/2013

Download Resource: recommendations_on_laws_relating_to_sexual_assault_in_india.pdf

Ordinance criminalizes sex workers: Sex Workers Appeal to President to Reject OrdinancePosted on: 10/Jun/2013

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